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Jantje koekje hebben? Jantje cookie have? ' d. ik de vuilnisbak buiten zetten? Nooit I the garbage-can outside set? Never 'me put the garbage out? Never' (13a) is a productive kind of historical infinitive, occurring with the particles en . . maar. (13b) represents a colloquial alternative to the usual form of the imperative with the verb fronted: hou je kop. This may be a kind of elliptical form, with je moet 'you must' missing. (13c) is the kind of thing sometimes used in "motherese" and in speech addressed to young children, representing a kind of baby-talk in which the functional categories are absent (cf.

Most languages allow this possibility (consider English I wonder who bought what, where what remains in situ), but Chinese has no general alternative of syntactic movement. For such constructions the relevant scope relations are usually expressed through a process of "movement" in logical form (LF), the level of representation at which quantifier-variable binding is expressed. (18) is ambiguous between the readings (18a) and (18b); it has the two possible LF representations (19a) and (19b), corresponding to (18a) and (18b) respectively.

Let us see whether a bifurcation between embedded and unembedded Domains is plausible from the perspective of learnability. I shall argue that it is. The notion of an unembedded binding Domain provides the relevant distinction for the cases discussed here, but there may be other ways of making the division. 1 An Empirical Argument for Degree-0 Learnability? So, some well-studied parameters which appeared to depend on complex experiences can in fact be set by simple triggers. This makes one wonder whether children acquiring the usual mature linguistic capacities ever need access to complex triggering experiences.

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