Don Watson's Death Sentence: The Decay of Public Language PDF

By Don Watson

ISBN-10: 1740512065

ISBN-13: 9781740512060

Half diatribe, half cool mirrored image at the kingdom of Australia's public language, Don Watson's dying Sentence is scathing, humorous and brilliant.

‘ ... in public existence the language hasn't ever been held in much less regard. It withers within the dungeons of the technocratic brain. it truly is butchered by way of the media. In politics it lacks all skills for the most game.'

Almost sixty years in the past, George Orwell defined the decay of language and why this threatened democratic society. yet in comparison to what we now undergo, the general public language of Orwell's day brimmed with lifestyles and fact. Today's organisations, executive departments, information media, and, possibly such a lot dangerously, politicians – converse to one another and to us in cliched, impenetrable, useless sludge.

Don Watson can endure it not. In demise Sentence, half diatribe, half cool mirrored image at the nation of Australia's public language, he is taking a blowtorch to the phrases – and their clients – who kill pleasure, mind's eye and readability. Scathing, humorous and remarkable, dying Sentence is a small booklet of profound weight – and timeliness. -

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