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By Joseph Campbell

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This quantity explores the entire internal tale of contemporary tradition because the darkish a while, treating smooth man's targeted place because the writer of his personal mythology.

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Societies throughout history have mistrusted and suppressed these towering spirits. Even the noble city of Athens condemned Socrates to death, and Aristotle, in the end, had to flee its indignation. As Nietzsche could say from experience: "The aim of institutions-whether scientific, artistic, political, or religious-never is to produce and foster exceptional examples; institutions are concerned, rather. for the usual. the normal. the mediocre," And yet. " That the Great Man should be able to appear and dwell among you again, again, and again [he wrote], that is the sense of all your efforts here on earth.

In no two is the balance alike. and each different EXPERIENCE AND AUTHORITY 33 brain has to deal with a different tide of experience. marvel, then, not that one man should disagree with another concerning the ultimate realities of life, but that so many, in spite of the diversity of their inborn natures, should reach so large a measure of agreement. 4-1 Thus, as in the world without, of Einstein, so in the world within, of Keith, there is no point of absolute rest, no Rock of Ages on which a man of God might stand assured or a Prometheus be impaled.

The epochs of history are read not as impersonal, anonymous effects of what are being called today the "winds of change" (as though history moved of itself), but as the accomplishments of specific individuals. And in the 1ittle as well as in the great affairs of life the accent remains on character-as in the paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec from the Moulin Rouge. The masters of these works, then, are the prophets of the present dawn of the new age of our species, identifying that aspect of the wonder of the world most appropriate to our contemplation: a pantheon not of beasts or of superhuman celestials, not even of ideal human beings transfigured beyond themselves, but of actual individuals beheld by the eye that penetrates to the presences actually there.

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