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By Charles Petzold

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This moment Preview version publication, now with sixteen chapters, is set writing functions for Xamarin.Forms, the recent cellular improvement platform for iOS, Android, and home windows telephones unveiled by means of Xamarin in could 2014. Xamarin.Forms allows you to write shared user-interface code in C# and XAML that maps to local controls on those 3 structures.

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When a Span is given a FontAttributes setting, it does not currently inherit the FontSize setting of the Label. Alternatively, it’s possible to initialize the contents of the Spans collection by following it with a pair of curly braces. Within these curly braces, the Span objects are instantiated. Large, typeof(Label)) }; } } This is the version of the program that you’ll see in the collection of sample code for this chapter. info Chapter 3 Deeper into text 51 }, new Span { Text = " much out of the way to hear the " + "Rabbit say to itself \u2018Oh " + "dear!

In Xamarin Studio, select File > New > Solution from the menu, and at the left of the New Solution dialog, select C# and then Mobile Apps. Forms Portable) Now what? We definitely want to create a Blank App solution, but what kind? The term “Portable” in this context refers to a Portable Class Library (PCL). All the common application code becomes a dynamic-link library (DLL) that is referenced by all the individual platform projects. The term “Shared” in this context means a Shared Asset Project (SAP) containing loose code files (and perhaps other files) that are shared among the platform projects, essentially becoming part of each platform project.

Forms application consists of one or more pages. A page usually occupies all (or at least a large area) of the screen. Some applications consist of only a single page, while others allow navigating between multiple pages. In many of the early chapters in this book, you’ll see just one type of page, called a ContentPage. On each page, the visual elements are organized in a parent-child hierarchy. The child of a ContentPage is generally a layout of some sort to organize the visuals. Some layouts have a single child, but many layouts have multiple children that the layout arranges within itself.

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