Download PDF by Linda Wilson-Pauwels; Elizabeth J. Akesson; Patricia A.: Cranial Nerves in Health and Disease, Second Edition

By Linda Wilson-Pauwels; Elizabeth J. Akesson; Patricia A. Stewart; Sian D. Spacey

ISBN-10: 1550091646

ISBN-13: 9781550091649

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The CSF discharge is clear and does not cause excoriation within or outside the nose. The patient describes it as salty tasting. 6. Why is the patient’s sense of taste diminished? Ageusia is loss of the sense of taste (see Chapters VII and IX). Perception of flavor is a combination of smell and taste as well as stored memories of the taste of familiar foods. When one contribution to the flavor experience is lost, the overall effect is diminished taste. CLINICAL TESTING The olfactory nerve is frequently overlooked in the neurologic examination.

Rods function in dim light. They have about 700 disks containing a high concentration of rhodopsin, which makes them highly sensitive to light. They are capable of detecting a single photon; however, they saturate in bright light and are not used in daytime vision. There are approximately 130 million rods in each human retina. They constitute most of the photoreceptors in the peripheral retina and are almost absent in the fovea. There is a high degree of convergence of rods to ganglion cells and only one kind of rod pigment; therefore, the rod system produces low resolution achromatic vision.

A cyclic nucleotide-gated conductance in olfactory receptor cilia. Nature 1994;325:442–4. Sweazey RD. Olfaction and taste. In: Haines DE, editor. Fundamental neuroscience. New York: Churchill Livingstone; 1997. p. 321–3. 25 II Optic Nerve carries the special sense of vision © L. Wilson-Pauwels II Optic Nerve CASE HISTORY During a photography session, Meredith, a 28-year-old photojournalist, noticed her vision was blurred in her right eye. Initially she thought it was the camera lens, but soon realized the problem was her own eye.

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