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By Nancy S. Lind

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The George W. Bush management has develop into essentially the most debatable in American background. The president that after loved a post-9/11 astronomical approval score of 88 percentage ranked virtually as low in his moment time period as any president in historical past. during the social protection and stem-cell study debates, the Enron trial, the Patriot Act, the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, No baby Left at the back of, and the administration's lackluster reaction to storm Katrina, George Bush's presidency has been white-hot debatable, Fueling the controversies were Bush's speeches and public statements (axis of evil, undertaking comprehensive, etc.). This quantity is jam-packed with primary-document excerpts from presidental speeches, public statements, and letters, and from opposing congressional arguments―an first-class source for aiding scholars comprehend occasions that may impact the U.S. for years to come.

Introductory sections set the context for every record, and broad lists of websites and additional studying assets complement the cloth. This quantity is a superb source for assisting scholars comprehend occasions that would have an effect on the U.S. for years to come.

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Companies get right in the face of our negotiators to make sure that the rules in these agreements which protect their interests are iron clad and will be strictly enforced. S. employers. But we are elected to help ensure that those agreements allow trade to benefit the interests of a majority of Americans, not only those with significant commercial interests abroad. I would go further and say that we also even have an interest in advancing the interest of a majority of people in other countries.

First, let me tell you how much, I understand, Social Security has meant for generations of Americans. I mean, Franklin Roosevelt, in thinking boldly, envisioned a Social Security system where Social Security would help seniors with their retirement. And the system worked for a lot of people. And it’s been a—an incredible achievement, if you think about a piece of legislation being relevant for nearly 70 years. The problem is, is that times have changed since 1935. Then, most women did not work outside the house, and the average life expectancy was about 60 years old, which, for a guy 58 years old, must have been a little discouraging.

Speaker, this week we had another reality check on how fiscally devastating Republican fiscal policies are on our Nation. Yesterday the Bush administration announced that the budget deficit is set to hit another record this year, a whopping $429 billion. The President also had to admit that thanks to these new projections, he is already behind in his campaign pledge to cut the deficit in half over the next 5 years. Yet the President has no plans to alter his misguided policies that took us from record surpluses when he arrived in Washington to record deficits now.

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