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1571). On another occasion, they even include FLB into those properties that make human communication specifically human: "we take as uncontroversial the existence of some biological capacity of humans that allows us (and not, for example, chimpanzees) to readily master any human language without explicit instruction. , memory, respiration, digestion, circulation, etc)" (p. 1571). On page 1573, however, they say that the strongest form of their hypothesis holds that "all peripheral components of FLB are shared with other animals, in more or less the same form as they exist in humans, with differences of quantity rather than kind".

In any event, historical information is not central in scope and does not represent a condition on the understanding of the book. Therefore, its core is not located at the outset of the text. While chapters 1,7 (§135) and 1,8 (§165) concentrate relevant discussion, they do not exhaust the matter. Rather, reference to earlier versions of Government Phonology is made throughout the entire book whenever this suits the demonstration. It was mentioned earlier that the same holds true for the position of CVCV with respect to other phonological theories.

Therefore, Standard Government Phonology is a hybrid animal. Quite some problems, many of them long-noticed (such as its inability to handle word-final consonants that behave like Codas, see chapter 11,12 §524), originate in this hybridity. For example, an important consequence of the arboreal-lateral hybridity is the redundancy of arboreal structure, something that was made crystal-clear in a largely underquoted article by Takahashi (1993) called "A farewell to constituency" (see also Takahashi 2004:141 ss).

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