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It affects all the components of a multiplet equally). e. Hence all coherence levels will start at 0 and end at + 1. 2 on phase cycling in COSY spectra. 12 Pulse Widths Pulses may be described as "hard" or "soft" depending on the pulse width. The field strength B measured in cycles per second (Hz) is related to thew pulse width t ; by the formula t = 1/2B (or B =1/2t ß ). D. Resoitaitce, 56, 418-427 (1984), copyright 1984, Academic press). pulse) will require a field strength B of 25 kHz. An irradiation of 25 Hz will, on the other hand, act as a "soft" pulse of 20 ms width.

44 upper and lower energy states of the nuclei responsible for the intense signals, thereby eliminating them. The weak field should be applied with the minimum field strength, and for the shortest possible time to prevent it affecting the neighbouring spectral region. This can be quickly determined by trial and error. The "saturation factor" is given by the equation 132 T1T2 where 12 is the field strength of the weak field. The field strength should be adjusted so that the value of this factor falls between 100-2000.

The observer is, in this case, stationary and watching + It is commonly believed that resolution and signal-to-noise ratio are always inversely related. This is however not true, as has been recently shown by the introduction of the TRAF apodization function which increases the signal-to-noise ratio by a factor of two, while simultaneously increasing resolution (ref. 56). 80 Fig. 21: (A) Spectrum before resolution enhancement. (B) Same after resolution enhancement. The peaks are seen to become sharper after the Lorentz-Gauss transformation, but the increased resolution is accompanied by a decrease in sensitivity.

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