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By P.H. Redfern, I. C. Campbell, J.A. Davies, K.F. Martin

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A set of 28 papers provided at a satellite tv for pc assembly of the IUPHAR ninth overseas Congress of Pharmacology. The papers summarize the kingdom of information in such components because the effect of circadian rhythms on behaviour and their attainable position within the etiology of psychiatric ailment.

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It is impossible, however, to infer from these observations the existence of a central pacemaker structure. Consequently alternative experiments should provide evi- FUNCTION OF THE SCN 47 dence for such a dominant circadian oscillator in mammals. The most direct support from this notion would obviously be its functional and anatomical identification. A host of recent experiments involving mainly rats and hamsters have led to the recognition of the suprachiasmatic nuplei (SCN) of the hypothalamus as the regulator of circadian rhythmicity.

Suppl. 247, 37-85. Gamlin, P. , Reiner, A. and Karten, H. J. (1982). Substance P-containing neurons of the avian suprachiasmatic nucleus project directly to the nucleus of EdingerWestphal. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 79, 3891-3895. -H. GOLDNER Garris, D. R. (1979). Direct septo-hypothalamic pro;ections in the rat. Neuroscience Letters, 13, 83-90. GUldner, F. H. (1976). Synaptology of the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus. Cell Tiss. , 165, 509-544. GUldner, F. H. (1978a). Synapses of optic nerve afferents in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus.

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