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By Emily Driver, Audrey Droisen

ISBN-10: 0333442466

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ISBN-13: 9781349200207

This feminist research brings jointly professional contributions just about baby sexual abuse. The publication examines present theoretical views and associations, together with the legislation, psychiatry and schooling. The authors query the dominant ideology, which provides sexual abuse as a fabricated from relatives disorder, and as an alternative recommend an research when it comes to male violence.

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Far from being of use, it simply oppressed her further. Although there may be some evidence that molested children can become molesters, this is based to a large extent on studies made on selections of convicted male criminals. P '' Since these men would have an understandable urge to deny personal responsibility in the belief that this will save them from punishment, they will speedily pick up on the researcher's own quest for external causation. They will then highlight their previous victimisation in an attempt to parrot the researcher, and both sides will be lost in a circle of collusion .

Some assume that only older children are sexually attractive to abusers . This means that use of younger children goes unsuspected; use of older children is seen as more understandable and thus goes unchecked; and those children who happen to have an 'age-inappropriate' appearance or demeanour go unprotected. In one textbook for students of forensic medicine, the author advises doctors who are about to examine survivors of alleged sexual offences : 'While taking the history, note the general appearance and behaviour of the girl, [her] apparent age and physique, and whether she dresses or looks older than her age'.

If the family refuses to submit to the group treatment posited as the solution to such 'dysfunction', it may then be labelled as a 'problem family' and therefore any allegations members may make of abuse by professionals will 36 Introduction automatically be discounted. Professionals in this way retain their false position as experts who can do no wrong. Myth no. 10: Sexual abuse is caused not by male violence, but by family dynamics Today sociologists may not dare openly to suggest that incest is a peculiarly working-class phenomenon, or that it is confined to particular regions, races or subcultures.

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