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By Tunay, Olcay

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This e-book covers the newest medical and technological advancements (state-of-the-art) within the box of chemical oxidation approaches acceptable for the effective therapy of biologically-difficult-to-degrade, poisonous and/or recalcitrant effluents originating from assorted production approaches. it's a entire overview of method and pollutants profiles in addition to traditional, complicated and emerging Read more...


This e-book covers the latest clinical and technological advancements (state-of-the-art) within the box of chemical oxidation strategies appropriate for the effective therapy of Read more...

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The combination of sonolysis and ozonation provides three sources of HO· which can be listed as (i) from sonochemical decomposition of water, (ii) from O3 reactions in water and (iii) from the thermolytic decomposition of O3, in the acoustic cavitation bubble (Weavers and Hoffmann 1998). The simultaneous use of sonolysis and O3 has shown higher removal efficiencies for a range of organic pollutants than their sequential combination. When O3 is introduced into a sonolytic system, the ultrasonic irradiation enhances mass transfer, dispersion, and solubility of O3, thus increasing HO· production.

Hot rinsing avoids the use of sequestering agents in the rinsing and neutralisation steps after dyeing. However, replacement of cold rinsing with hot rinsing leads to higher energy consumption, unless thermal energy after rinsing effluent is recovered. Bleaching agents: Sodium hypochlorite bleaching gives rise of secondary reactions that form halogen compounds commonly measured as AOX, trihalomethanes (THMs) account to the bulk of the compounds formed. H2O2 is now the preferred bleaching agent for cotton and cotton blends as a substitute Textile industry 39 for the more selective sodium hypochlorite, although it is argued that sodium hypochlorite is still required to achieve high whiteness and for fabrics that are fragile and would suffer from de-polymerization.

Today 53, 51–59. P. D. (2008). Chemical and microbial decontamination of pool water using activated potassium peroxymonosulfate. Water Res. 42, 2899–2910. , Palmisano, L. and Soria, J. (2006) The combination of heterogeneous photocatalysis with chemical and physical operations: A tool for improving the photoprocess performance. J. Photoc. Photobio. C. 7, 127–144. Bader, H. and Hoigné, J. (1981) Determination of ozone in water by the indigo method. Water Res. 15, 449–456. Balcioglu, I. and Arslan, I.

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