Terry Oleson's Auriculotherapy Manual. Chinese and Western Systems of Ear PDF

By Terry Oleson

ISBN-10: 0443071624

ISBN-13: 9780443071621

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Both new and skilled practitioners of Auriculotherapy have came upon this accomplished guide to be probably the most clinically necessary texts on ear acupuncture. This guide combines the easiest paintings of chinese language and French platforms of Auriculotherapy. doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, actual therapists, reflexologists, dentists, naturopaths, therapeutic massage therapists and nurses have utilized the foundations during this handbook to effectively relieve continual soreness, suppress urge for food and deal with addictions.

The ear reflex issues offered during this guide are established upon vast learn performed on the UCLA discomfort administration middle. this article presents a standardized auricular nomenclature procedure for designating diverse anatomical zones of the ear. every one ear reflex element is represented through either a bunch and an auricular region position. remedies are indexed for over 250 health conditions.

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Said to be a conduit between the gross anatomical body and the subtle etheric body, the network of 350000 nadis resembles modern descriptions of nerves and nerve plexuses. Of the different energy channels in ayurvedic medicine, the three most important were the sushumna, the ida and the pingala. The main channel was the sushumna, which rose from the tailbone up the spine. The ida and the pingala spiral up the spine on each side of the sushumna. These three primary channels were depicted as two coiled serpents spiraling up a central staff, remarkably similar to the Egyptian, Greek and Roman caduceus symbol of healing.

Six fu organs: The fu organs are not as prominently discussed in Oriental medicine as the zang organs, but the acupuncture channels associated with each fu organ are very important in acupuncture treatment plans. Two of the most commonly used acupoints in all of Oriental medicine are LI 4 (hegu or hoku) on the Large Intestines meridian and ST 36 (zusanli) on the Stomach meridian. Stimulation of the Large Intestines channel can relieve pains in the index finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck or jaw that occur along the Large Intestines channel.

The psychologist Carl Jung (1964) and the historian Joseph Campbell (1988) have noted common archetypal images in the ancient cultures of China, India, Egypt, Persia, Europe and amongst Native Americans. In all these societies, the sky, the sun, and fire are referred to as ’masculine’ qualities, whereas the earth, the moon, and water are associated with ’feminine’ qualities. Taoist philosophers described this opposition of dualities in every aspect of nature. There is a tendency in Western culture to place greater value on the ’masculine’ qualities of being strong, active, rational, and orderly, and to devalue the ’feminine’ qualities of being passive, weak, or emotional.

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