Atlas of Seeds and Fruits of Central and East-European by Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová PDF

By Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová

The Atlas of Seeds and culmination of critical and East-European plants offers approximately 4,800 seed illustrations, supplemented with certain seed descriptions, short plant descriptions, and knowledge at the locality and the local resource of vegetation. The Carpathian plant life lined right here happens not just within the Carpathian Mountains, but in addition in huge lowlands extending in the direction of the south, north and east and comprises brought and invading plant life of greater than 7,500 species. This ebook is exclusive on counts. Its scope extends to an unparalleled variety of diversified plant seeds from a wide-ranging zone. in addition, it provides descriptions in strange element.

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B. alba auct. , B. verrucosa Ehrh. − Tree, up to 20 m high, trunk tall, bark white, resinous, twigs verrucose. 3 mm. Surface longitudinal faint furrowed, slight lustrous, reddish-brown, wings translucent, 2x broader than the seed. 2n = 28. Native to Europe, Asia Minor, in light forests on sandy and peaty soils; planted for timber. Cz, Hu, Mo, Pl, Ro, Sk, Uk. 128. , A. serrulata ˇ Celak. non Michx. − Shrub or tree, up to 10 m high, young twigs angular, downy, reddish-brown. 5 mm. Surface fine tuberculate, lustrous, reddish-brown, wings narrow.

2n = 22. Originally growing in Japan up to 2000 m elevation, in pure or mixed forests; in the Carpathians rarely cultivated for timber (used for water buildings) and as decorative tree in parks. 76. Juniperus oxycedrus L. − Shrub or tree, up to 14 m high, leaves with two glaucous bands above. 5 mm. Surface coarse and dull in the upper and smooth and slight lustrous in the lower part, pale- and dark-brown. Native to southern Europe on dry hills and mountains up to 1900 m elevation; in the whole Carpathians rarely planted in parks as ornamental in various cvs.

Place of origin in North America, on moist soils near lakes and streams; in the Carpathians rarely cultivated as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens. Br, Cz, Mo, Sk, Uk. A. GYMNOSPERMAE 1. CYCADACEAE 1. Cycas revoluta Thunb. − Shrub, low, handsome, dwarf plant, bearing a corona of long, compact, darkgreen, fan-shaped leaves. Seeds ovate orbicular, apex truncate with a small point, slight flattish, base with a large whitish hilum, 30-45 x 25-35 mm. Surface wrinkly on both lateral sides with a smooth rounded area, c.

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Atlas of Seeds and Fruits of Central and East-European Flora: The Carpathian Mountains Region by Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová

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