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Why do you've got striped dermis? Who else lives within the jungle? are you able to see within the dark?

Ask a Dinosaur supplies teenagers the solutions they call for approximately this spell binding and extinct animal, immediately from the horse's-or consequently, dinosaur's-mouth.

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Dinosaur A reptile that walked on land in an upright way. Mate A pair of animals that have young together. Reptile A scaly animal that lives on land and lays eggs, such as a snake, a turtle, and a lizard. Paleontologist A person who studies the fossils of prehistoric plants and animals, including dinosaurs, to find out more about them. Species A type of plant or animal that shares the same features and can have young together. Fossils The remains of a plant or animal that lived millions of years ago found in rock.

Snake Scorpion Which dinosaur died last? Probably, it was a meat-eating dinosaur. Plant-eaters would have died first from the cold and from hunger, since the plants they ate no longer grew. Then the meat-eaters died since there was not enough food for them. Dragonfly Frog Lizard Turtle 29 Who were the record holders? Which was the largest flying reptile? Quetzalcoatlus was the largest pterosaur. It had a wingspan of about 43 ft (13 m). That’s the length of one of the wings on a Boeing 737 aircraft.

31 Index Ankylosaurus [ANG-ki-lo-SORE-uss] 20–21 Archaeopteryx [AR-kee-OP-terricks] 11 Argentinosaurus [AR-jen-TEEN-oh-SORE-uss] 9 Baronyx [barry-ON-icks] 7, 15 Barosaurus [barrow-SORE-uss] 8–9 Brachiosaurus [brackee-oh-SORE-uss] 7, 9 Caudipteryx [kor-DIP-terricks] 10–11 Corythosaurus [ko-RITH-oh-SORE-uss] 19 Deinonychus [die-NON-ee-kuss] 12–13 Edmontonia [ED-mon-TOE-nee-a] 20 Elasmosaurus [ee-LAZ-moe-SORE-uss] 26–27 Euoplocephalus [YOU-owe-ploh-SEFF-a-luss] 20 Gastonia [gass-TOE-nee-a] 20 Giganotosaurus [jig-anno-toe-SORE-uss] 31 T-rex skull Hypsilophodont [HIP-sill-OFF-o-dont] 7 Ichthyosaur [IK-thee-o-SORE] 26 Iguanodon [ig-WAHN-o-don] 6, 7 Irritator [IHR-i-TAY-tor] 15 Lambeosaurus [LAM-bee-o-SORE-uss] 19 Leaellynasaura [lee-ELL-in-a-SORE-a] 16–17 Liopleurodon [LIE-o-PLOOR-o-don] 26 Maiasaura [MY-a-SORE-a] 16 Minmi [MIN mee] 7 Mosasaur [MOH-suh-SORE] 26 Mussaurus [moose-SORE-uss] 30 Parasaurolophus [PA-ra-SORE-oh-LOAF-uss] 6, 18–19 Pentaceratops [PEN-ta-SERRA-tops] 23 Plateosaurus [play-TEE-oh-SORE-uss] 6 Protoceratops [PRO-toe-SERRA-tops] 7, 23 Quetzalcoatlus [KWET-zal-KOH-at-lus] 30 Seismosaurus [SIZE-moe-SORE-uss] 9, 31 Sinornithosaurus [SIEN-or-nith-o-SORE-uss] 11 Sinosauropteryx [SIEN-o-sore-OP-terricks] 11 Spinosaurus [SPY-no-SORE-uss] 7, 14–15 Stegosaurus [steg-oh-SORE-uss] 5 Struthiomimus [STROOTH-ee-o-MYE-mus] 31 Styracosaurus [sty-RACK-oh-SORE-us] 23 Therizinosaurus [thair-uh-ZEEN-o-SORE-uss] 31 Triceratops [try-SERRA-tops] 6, 22–23, 25 Troodon [TROH-o-don] 31 Tsintaosaurus [CHING-dow-SORE-uss] 19 Tyrannosaurus rex [tie-RAN-o-SORE-uss recks] 6, 23, 24–25 Velociraptor [vell-OSS-ee-RAP-tor] 13 Glossary Cretaceous A period of time on Earth between 145 and 65 million years ago.

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