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By Dirmid R. F. Collis

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The sentence is nominative in structure with the subject in the nominative case and the predicate expressed by a verb or noun. The grammatical connection within the sentence is expressed by co-ordination and subordination. Co-ordination is rarely by conjunction. Subordination is expressed by government, agreement, agglutination and annexation. Government is much used in objective constructions in which the object, whether direct or indirect, usually precedes the governing verbal form and generally has the appropriate case marker.

In a word, there were ample opportunities to express creative fantasy, and everything depended on the artist’s talent and skill. Even today, clothing, footwear and household objects are still decorated with ornamentation. In modem times the aesthetic value of this applied art form has increased. The Northern peoples are also renowned as sculptors. This branch of their art is exceedingly interesting both for its originality and distinctiveness and for its content and related ideas and concepts. It is striking in its realism and the sculptors’ ability to convey the characteristics of their models in wood, bark, ivory or iron.

However, the ties are closest among the ManchuTungus languages of Siberia - Evenk, Even and Negidal, on the one hand, and the Far-Eastern Nanai, Ulchi, Orochi and Udegey on the other. In phonetic terms, these languages are marked by a basically identical vowel and consonant structure; the phonetic rules are also largely shared. Vowel harmony, represented by a degree of modification of the vowels of suffix morphemes under the influence of the stem morphemes in terms of height and sometimes of labialism, is common to all the languages.

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