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It should, however, be remembered that pressure energy is different from elastic energy that is given to a fluid when it is compressed. 2 Flow energy. 16 INTRODUCTION Kinetic Energy The energy possessed by a fluid mass due to its velocity is termed kinetic energy and is equal to mass times V2/2. Thus, the kinetic energy possessed by a unit mass is V2/2. It can be easily seen that each of the above forms of the available energy per unit mass has the dimensions of FL/M or L2T~2 and units of N • m/kg or J/kg.

18) SwameeJain Jain Eq. 19) Eq. 20) ZigrangSylvester Eq. 23) Haaland Chen Churchill Eq. 24) Eq. 25) Eq. S. Williams and A. 27) in which V = average velocity of flow in m/s; CHW = Hazen-Williams (HW) coefficient; R = hydraulic radius ( = AIP) in m; and 5 = slope of the energy line ( = hf/L). For circular pipes V = AQI-KD2; and R = D/4. 68 LQl h f = in which L and D are in meters and Q in cubic meters per second. In practice, the pipe diameter D may also be given in millimeters or centimeters and the discharge Q in liters per minute, million liters per day and several other units.

Bernoulli's equation is applicable to the steady, incompressible flow along a streamline of a frictionless fluid. The steady flow of liquids (mostly water) that can be considered as incompressible for all practical purposes is considered primarily by this text. Furthermore, the flow in a pipe can be considered one-dimensional so that the velocity at all points of a cross section is taken equal to the average velocity. , steady, incompressible and along a streamline, can be considered to be valid for flow of liquids in pipes.

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