American Sign Language the Easy Way by David A. Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Jessalyn Little PDF

By David A. Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Jessalyn Little

ISBN-10: 0764134280

ISBN-13: 9780764134289

Textbook was once introduced inside a number of days and used to be in ideal situation. it is a nice ebook when you are commencing to research ASL. unique photographs and wording are important.

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The sign NOT can be placed before the verb or at the end of the sentence. 4. The topic of a sentence if first described followed by a comment about the topic. 5. A signer points to a place in the signing space to establish a referent point for a person or thing. 6. A sign such as LAST-YEAR can be used to establish the tense of a sentence. 7. Nonmanual signals can be used in place of the signs IF and SUPPOSE. 8. In some sentences, the verb can follow the object. 9. A question is asked and then the signer answers it.

It is nice to meet you. NICE me-MEET-you. YOU TAKE-UP ASL? 2. Tina: It's nice to meet you. Are you taking ASL? YES, ME TAKE-UP ASL. YOU? Judy: Yes, I am taking ASL. How about you? SAME-HERE. ME TAKE-UP ASL. 3. Tina: Same as you, I'm taking ASL too. < previous page page_33 next page > < previous page page_34 next page > Page 34 The Master Signs < previous page page_34 next page > < previous page page_35 next page > Page 35 < previous page page_35 next page > page_36 < previous page next page > Page 36 What's in the Signs (Notes about the Grammar) 1 Rules #1.

ME TAKE-UP ASL. PRACTICE Signer A: Signer B: Signer A: YOU TAKE-UP ASL? YES, ME TAKE-UP ASL. YOU? SAME-HERE. ME TAKE-UP ASL. 3 Mastery Learning When you feel comfortable signing these phrases, practice signing the entire master dialogue shown at the beginning of the lesson. Practice the dialogue until you can sign the part of each character smoothly while using the appropriate facial grammar. 4 Further Practice with Introductions Practice asking people their names using the following sentence. EXCUSE-ME, ME NAME (spell your name), NAME YOU?

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