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Samuel Adams and his Sons of Liberty complained loudly and often about the presence of British soldiers. Everything finally came to a head with the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770, when five people were killed in a clash between British soldiers and townspeople. Parliament and colonists alike were shocked by the violence in Boston. Parliament once again backed down, and on April 12, 1770, the Townshend Acts were repealed. Only the tax on tea was kept. In the end, what was good for British merchants won out over Parliament’s desire to show the colonies who was boss.

He proved unwilling to act—he said that Boston’s citizens would never stand for him calling in British soldiers to patrol the streets; in fact, he feared for his life if he did it. So the commissioners called upon the British Royal Navy in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), and a British warship sailed into Boston. Made bold by the presence of the British Navy, customs commissioners singled out John Hancock (1737–1793), one of Boston’s wealthiest and most popular citizens, to teach Boston a lesson.

General Gage was headquartered Townshend was educated in Holland and England and was elected to in New York City, and most of his solParliament in 1747, where he served diers were spread throughout New until 1761. In 1766, he became York state. The colonists were supChancellor of the Exchequer, the man in posed to provide housing and food for charge of collecting the money needed the soldiers, in their own homes if no to run the British government. Almost other quarters could be found. General immediately, he proposed the acts that Gage had problems getting the are associated with his name.

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