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By Elizabeth Caecilia Stone

ISBN-10: 0931464536

ISBN-13: 9780931464539

Ebook through Elizabeth Caecilia Stone, David I. Owen, John R. Mitchell

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Hoffenberg emphasizes that before 1914 “visitors [to public exhibitions] exercised agency by participating in a variety of ways . . Men, women, and children also turned the cranks on machines, consumed and inspected new colonial products . . 75 The millions that thronged the British Empire Exhibition were participants in public rituals linking Victorian and Edwardian traditions of exhibiting with the 1920s. Visitors could interpret the fairground on their own terms, confirming, altering, subverting, or ignoring the exhibition’s specific ideological projects.

31 According to Wembley’s advocates for “empire development,” British technological and scientific prowess could transform the colonial empire into charms with powers to cure British unemployment, secure the domestic standard of living, and halt the bullets of labor unrest, feminism, “national decline,” and socialism. The exhibition was even portrayed as a bulwark against communism. For example, according to the lead editorialist at The Spectator, By Wembley our generation must be judged . . The only answer to the Communist is such an answer as Wembley gives, an answer of hope and life .

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Adoption in Old Babylonian Nippur and the Archive of Mannum-mešu-liṣṣur by Elizabeth Caecilia Stone

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