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4) a. |mũ‫ڮ‬-kómgó| ࣰ /mũ‫ڮ‬kómgó/ ‘admiration’ b. |b-ìn͡gá| ࣰ /bìn͡gá/ ‘women’ c. ) and then describe the major phonetic correlate of prominence, viz. ). The structural importance of initial prominence will be illustrated throughout the sections on realisation rules (4) and representation rules (5). 2. 1. Consonants The most notable phonotactic generalisation is that almost half of the consonant phonemes are restricted to the onset of prominent syllables, either as the only segment or as part of a branching onset.

J| (30) a. |j| B /͟/  Ͱ __ |Ͱ‫ڮ‬-jìní| ࣰ b. 14 For the time being, six examples of the morphonological alternation in (28) have been found, all of them nouns of gender 3. )’ mìvjŲۖg/ ‘dyke(s)’ mìvjŲ‫ڟ‬n/ ‘leg’ mìvjŲۖl/ ‘moonlight’ mìvíl/ ‘running contest’ The last example (͡‫ۅ‬m͡‫ۅ‬mũ‫ڟ‬l) has a different vowel in the singular and in the plural. Moreover, a schwa does not normally occur in a closed prominent syllable. A possible way to account for this exceptional stem is to represent it without a vowel on the structural level |v‫ۅ‬j ‫ڟ‬l|.

The palatal nasal can only be the onset of a stem-initial syllable (where it is never followed by a stop) or the phonological representation of a homorganic nasal morphophoneme. 5. 2. Functional oppositions The following list of forms illustrates that the occurrence of the consonant phonemes is not predictable from their context (v stands for verb stem): /p/ vs. /t/ /pám/ ‘go out’ (v) /tám/ ‘feather’ /p/ vs. /k‫ۅ‬p/ /pám/ ‘go out’ (v) /k‫ۅ‬pám/ ‘jump over’ (v) /p/ vs. /ҷ/ /pám/ ‘go out’ (v) /ҷàm/ ‘chase away’ (v) /p/ vs.

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