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A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology

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Relig. An early Italian god of the earth and its harvests. Coral: Coral is a talisman against enchantments, witchcraft, thunder and other perils and all maladies; hence the use of a coral necklace. It was consecrated to Jupiter and Phoebus. Red coral wom about a person is a certain cure for indigestion. A coral ring is used to keep off the influences of the sun. , 1885, p. ) Corn: To cure corns take a pearl button and steep it in the juice of a lemon in which it will become dissolved; place a piece of lemon soaked in this on the corn, and repeat it daily, or oftener if required, and it will extract the corn.

A mythical animal peculiar to the Isle of Skye. It had but one horn on its forehead and dwelt in lochs. ). (CAMPBELL, Sup. of Scot. , p. ) cf. Unicorn. Bible: An open bible keeps away evil spirits. ) The bible is subject to a host of superstitions. cf. Qoran, Prayer Book. Bidhata Purusha: Hindu Myth. He is equivalent to the Classical Fates and the Scandinavian Norns. He is a god of fate; he writes the child’s future life on its forehead, on the sixth day of its birth. (DAY, Folk Tales of Bengal, p.

One crow—sorrow, Two crows—mirth, Three crows—wedding, Four crows—birth. “ —Maryland (KNORTZ, p. 134). A crow cawing on the chimney gives warning of a death in the family. — ABBOTT, p. —MACAULAY: History of St. Hilda, p. 176. cf. Blackbird, Raven. Crucifix: Evil spirits are afraid of the crucifix it is therefore a powerful charm against them. ) In Serbia if a pregnant woman kisses the crucifix her child will be epileptic. (PLOS, Das Weib, Vol. 1, p. ) cf. Rosary, Beads, Qor’an, Prayer Book. Cruelty: The spirits of those who have been cruel during their lifetime, can find no peace in death, but must return to earth as ghosts.

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